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About Nany's

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Our Mission

Providing gourmet products 100% natural and allergen free, accessible to the public.

Our Values

Create products 100% natural, tasty and appetizing, while remaining affordable.

Our Solutions

Use organic cane sugar, remain low in calories and contain no trans fats or sulfite, gluten, peanuts, lactose or preservatives.

Our story

Founded in 2004, Transformation alimentaire Pro-Jam Inc. is a Quebec-based company located in the Eastern Townships. It manufactures handcrafted spreads that are 100% natural and allergen-free, for the restaurant and hotel industry. All of its double-fruit spreads are free of gluten, nuts, peanuts, lactose and preservatives, as are its Butter Caramel and Onion Confit range with pearl onion.

Building on its success and in order to meet public demand, Pro-Jam launched, in 2012 Nany's a line of top-quality allergen-free products. Nany's include a variety of fruit spreads, a Butter caramel spread and two onion confit. Packaged in 200 ml jars designed for retail sales, these products are sold in gourmet and natural-food stores.

The idea of offering allergen-free products came when one of the company owners was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and as a result, had to eat more carefully. Pro-Jam hired a Consulting Chef to create new tantalizing products that are affordable and 100% natural, sweetened with organic cane sugar, low in calories and containing no trans fats, sulfites or preservatives. And so Nany's was born !

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