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  • Condiments Bar

    Condiments Bar

    Condiments to go with any meal, from
    appetizer to main course ! Gluten-free products,
    peanut free, lactose free and
    preservative free.

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  • Nany's,100% Natural andAllergen Free

    100% Natural and
    Allergen Free

    Gluten-free products without peanuts, lactose and preservative free. The fruit associations of our spreads like our onions or beets confits, will leave you spellbound.

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  • Onions Confitsthat melt inyour mouth

    Onions Confits
    that melt in
    your mouth

    Our blends of red onions, white onions, pearl onions and a touch of originality will charm you. And with the sweet-vinegary taste of our confit beets leave you wanting more.

  • Calves eggs with its candied

    Calves eggs with its candied

    Whether with the Petal Chioggia confit, the Turnips confit with pink berries, the Beets confit or the Corn Relish.

  • A Butter Caramel Creamy and Delicious

    A Butter Caramel Creamy and Delicious

    Among our spreads, our special recipe caramel impresses with its unique taste and soft texture. Whether on ice cream, dessert or toast, you can not do without.

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You can now embellish your meals by ordering our products online. Indulge yourself in the comfort of your own home.


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  • Lemon Marmalade +

    Lemon Marmalade A mixture of mashed lemon and zest, creating an ideal texture in the mouth. Read More
  • Spicy Salsa with Mango +

    Spicy Salsa with Mango Perfect to accompany a plate of Nachos. A mixture of mangoes, onions and red peppers, with a hint of banana pepper. Read More
  • Red Ketchup +

    Red Ketchup A balanced blend of red tomatoes, onions and marinade spices ... excellent with your sugar shack meals. Read More
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Designed with passion, to offer you a unique and healthy taste

Expertise and Originality
We choose the best ingredients to provide a quality product, free of allergen for a healthy diet. Our consultant Chef has created unique combinations of flavors both for our spreads as for our vegetables confit. All our products are vegan.